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You write it - I will get it into error-free, clear, precise and professional shape for you!

Who am I?

I am Nicola Margetts and I have many years of experience in editing, proof-editing and proofreading a wide variety of written documentation plus providing contract management services. All work is carried out on a 'bespoke' basis - no subcontracting to outside parties. I am a member of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders (SfEP). Please see my CV under 'More'.

Your writing made better!

I know you want your documentation to be as accurate and professional as possible. I take the worry out of the impact of your writing being reduced by mistakes and bloopers. 



What my customers say....

Nicola has worked for Centrax for over 6 years as both an employee and latterly as a freelancer. During this time she has performed  a variety of contract and general business projects. These included  complex proofreading, editing and negotiation of contractual and other legal documents. Her accuracy, attention to detail, responsiveness and commitment to meeting deadlines were recognised not only in the sales team but throughout the company  including at Director level. Nicola is a polyglot, able to work fluently and directly in French and Spanish. She has a cartesian approach to business issues and has  clear understanding of business priorities. All of the above are  combined with a  welcome sense of humour when working under tight deadlines! 

Chris Dumont

Executive Manager, Sales and Marketing

Centrax Limited


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