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Why use MY services?

I am passionate about language, especially in all its many and varied written forms .

I want to help you to deliver the power of language in the documents you have created.

I know that a second pair of eyes to review what you have spent your time, energy and commitment in writing can help you to deliver exactly what you intend. 

I will always respect your 'author's voice' and work with you to deliver exactly what you need and when you need it.

Editorial Services


Checking your writing at any stage to correct errors (grammar, spelling and punctuation) and inconsistencies and giving it that final 'polish' to maximise its professional appearance and its impact on the reader.

Proof-editing and full editing

Proof-editing - proofreading +. Full proofreading service enhanced to check organisation, structure, style, consistency, readability.

Full editing - thorough revision to include proofreading/proof-editing and enhanced to include improving layout, checking cross-references, footnotes, endnotes and bibliographies......


Contracts and other legal documents - from proofreading through editing and up to full contract management.

Documents in French and Spanish - all my services can be provided.


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